Two for Friday

Here are two pieces I came across today on the subject of violence against women.

It’s Your Fault is a short video that directly confronts myths about rape with a healthy dose of dark humour and irony.

And Project Unbreakable uses a fairly tired and over-used method but does something interesting; in a sea of statistics, hashtags, shoulds and musts, the project reveals a detail you never really hear about: the words the attacker said during the act of abuse. I found this surprisingly hard to go through; it was uncomfortable to look at the eyes of those women and read the words. This campaign uses information that is private, uncomfortable, and opens it up to you as a way of engaging with the issue; it may put some people off (or trigger quite serious discomfort), but here’s the thing: I think we’re actually drawn in by the awkward, heartbreaking, sick details of something so terrible.

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