Things before, and things ahead.

I did not take much of a summer holiday this year, though I did have a short (always too short!) trip to Italy with friends; attended a dear friend’s fantastic festival-glamping wedding in the Devon countryside; and spent a lot of time stay-cationing, watching TV shows and beating the Berlin heat with ice-cream and homemade yoghurt. Oh and around all that ice-cream eating, I:

  • ran a session at the Citizen Lab Summer Institute at the University of Toronto that asked how and if computational tweaks and tactics could be designed in to mitigate specific dimensions of online abuse. This was a bit of a follow-on from my work with them on gender and digital security.
  • spent five days at Akademie Schloss Solitude outside Stuttgart working with my co-juror, the artist, writer and attorney, Rasheedah Philips, selecting five recipients of a ‘Digital’ Solitude Residency. Check the fantastic lineup of ‘Web Residents’ selected by Jonas Lund and in response to the theme Rigged Systems.
  • did a talk at Re-Imagining AI a symposium organised at IXDM, Basel (with Johannes Bruder). Johannes and I have also been writing a new piece together called Cloud Cosmogram for the Data Farms project by Tanya Notley, Ned Rossiter & Brett Neilson at the University of Western Sydney. We’re working on a visualisation. It’s all coming together.. !
  • did a guest lecture titled Ceci n’est pas Ethics: Computational Ethics and the Making of Machine Autonomy at my new, temporary home, the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe. The talk was based on a chapter I’m writing for the dissertation, so it was fresh, but is not ready for wider circulation. There has been a lot happening on our AI+Media Philosophy Project (KIM, in German) project. We also did a short kick-off workshop with our partners. Stay tuned for a lot more coming out of the KIM Group.

And now, we’re heading to another season. In addition to managing reviews for a brand new Social Sciences and Humanities Track at the ACMFAT* Conference, here is what else is coming up. I will

  • moderate two sessions at Berlin’s International Literature Festival in September. There’s a special focus this year on ‘Automatic Writing 2.0’ (link goes to PDF);
  • be on a panel at an Akademie der Künste event in Berlin, AI + Art? ;
  • speak to new Fellows of the Mercator Foundation about AI;
  • spend most of October as a fellow at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Centre in Italy working on a paper related to some of my PhD research, and my work at the KIM project.
  • keynote at the India -HCI conference in Hyderabad in early November.

Please come and say hello if you’re at these places!

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