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It’s a busy week; it is all busy weeks till the end of the Northern year. Three things I have been working on have come out into the world: announcement of a new seminar series I will host at the School of Disobedience in 2020; a journal issue on the Spectres of AI that I guest-edited with a collective; and an essay-report about the work with Transmediale’s Affective Infrastructures Study Circle. More details below.

Over the past year I have been developing a talk slash drafts of something called a “speculative inventory about almost-cyborgs”. Over time this has morphed into a seminar at the second edition of the Berlin-based School of Disobedience. It is called A is for AnOther: Beyond Artificial Intelligences. I will also be working with a small bit of (new) funding to bring together the syllabus and materials from the course to a website near you (stay tuned!).

A mammoth project has now gone out into the world. I worked with my home institution, Leuphana University’s Centre for Digital Culture’s Spheres Journal Editorial Collective to bring out a new issue. The Spectre of AI, Issue #5 is now out. I am especially pleased with two pieces I shepherded through the process: Manan Ahmed Asif’s essay about the colonial pre-history of data science embedded in the US tradition of Area Studies; and Noopur Raval’s brilliant and thoughtful response-companion piece to it. I think this is the #decolonisingAI research we need in this world.

(I wrote something too, a comment on an essay about AI and its erasure of difference)

Third and not least, a report of the project I did with the Transmediale 2019 team. A year ago Femke Snelting and I worked with curator Daphne Dragona to moderate a Study Circle on the theme of Affective Infrastructures. We brought together a group of scholars, artists, academics and technologists to work together to develop an event as part of the Transmediale Festival. I wrote about our process, and about ‘affective infrastructures’ here. Daphne wrote a fine piece about it too, as did my co-moderator Femke Snelting, here.

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