Vision 2020

I am looking forward to a big year. Chiefly, I want to complete and submit my PhD dissertation. So from mid February till the end of June, I will be on hiatus from everything except for writing full time. It is wonderful to be able to [joyfully] say no to invitations to your wonderful events, conferences, festivals and seminars. Please check back in with me after July.

Before that, however, there is a lot going on in the next month! Through January I am running seminars at the School of Disobedience in Berlin, two hours every Monday for six consecutive (well, almost) Mondays, about AI. As part of this, I will co-host a discussion with the artist, Sougwen Chung, on January 21 at the VolksbĂĽhne.

Exciting-ly, I got a small Hivos Digital Futures fellowship to build a visual and textual dictionary that will document some of the ideas we will work with during the School of Disobedience seminar. I call it Aa is for An0ther. Stay tuned.

Then, switching gears, I will be in Barcelona for the FAT* conference primarily to co-lead a tutorial about situating knowledge in the cross- and interdisciplinary work of critically appraising fairness, accountability and transparency concerns associated with machine learning technologies.

Finally, I will spend a day at CASBS at Stanford in early February for a one-day invite-only meeting as part of my fellowship at the Berggruen Institute.

My project at Berggruen is about understanding the poetics and politics of AI metaphors in different global regions. I will examine “metaphors as epistemological tools to uncover a range of cognitive, affective, and ideological connotations of AI. What are the epistemic values of metaphors? Moving from metaphors’ morphologies, what are their meta-features, what kinds of work do they do in shaping discourse, what is left unsaid or remains unclear?”

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