A friend recently referred to me as “prolific”, but that may have been a nice way of saying “mongrel” or “restless”, which are both excellent words IMHO. So it makes sense that in the past two decades I have been: a researcher, trainer, scholar-outside-academia, activist, writer, media producer, and senior manager working the intersection of ‘new media’, information-activism, and gender and human rights. I have often found myself being trusted to translate across cultures of practice and technical expertise.

My research and writing have been about: gender-based violence; women’s mental health; sexual and reproductive health and rights; human rights; feminism; social and cultural practices around media and technology use; digital security and privacy; activism online and offline; online harassment; design; data visualisation; and creative, data-based and visual practices in activism; and big data.

I tend to draw on visual artifacts – from cinema and photography in particular – and experiences of seeing in my writing; and I like my writing to have the qualities of the visual. I have never written about or worked with radio, music, sound and the sonic and would love to (some day).

I have two Masters degrees (Applied Psychology – Delhi University, 1997; Media and Cultural Studies – University of Sussex, 2007), and am currently enrolled for a PhD in ‘Knowledge Cultures and Digital Media’ at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany. Grounded in STS, my doctoral work investigates how tests and testing are establishing standards and measures for safety, ethics and accountability for machine intelligence. I take the case of autonomous driving in this work.

Alongside my research I teach, and work with clients in the corporate sector on technology and automotive engineering. I also contribute to the tech-theory blog, Cyborgology.

I’ve spoken about whatever I’m working on at art/tech/media/activism conferences: Open Knowledge Conferences and Festivals; Eyeo Festival; Netzpolitik; Chaos Communication Congress; re:publica; Theorizing The Web; the Canadian Centre for Architecture; Transmediale.

I worked at Tactical Technology Collective from 2009-2017, first from Bangalore, and then from Berlin. Prior to this, I worked with UNICEF in Bombay for three years on their HIV/AIDS prevention program with out-of-school youth at risk; and with grassroots feminist activist movements and organisations in Bombay and Delhi.

I have been a reader for as long as I have had a memory of myself; and writer for just a little less of that time. I read a lot of fiction and all the time. I should get back to reading more poetry. And I have been an Iyengar yoga practitioner since 2004.

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Forthcoming 2019. “Math, Model, Measure: From Cars To Computation” in Cars and Contemporary Communication, a Special Issue of the International Journal of Communication Laura Forlano, Gerrard Goggins and Thilo von Pape (editors) (Invited journal article)

Forthcoming 2018. “Collateral Data: Ethical Issues In Using Publicly Available Information In Public-Interest Investigations” in The Handbook of Human Rights and Technology edited by Ben Wagner and Killian Vieth. With Gabi Sobliye and Marek Tuszynski. Edwin Elger. (Academic book chapter)

2017. “Entanglement:Machine Learning and Human Ethics in Driverless Car Crashes.” APRJA:Machine Research. VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1, 2017. Edited by Christian Ulrik Andersen & Geoff Cox. ISSN 2245-7755 Available online. (Peer-reviewed academic article)

2016. With Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski, The White Room, in Nervous Sytems by Anselm Franke, Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski (eds). Spector Books. More here.

2016. Editor. ARROW’s annual bulletin on Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and the Internet. Published by ARROW. (Annual research advocacy journal for the SRHR community of practice in the Asia Pacific).

2016. “Privacy, visibility, anonymity: Dilemmas in tech use by marginalised communities.” With Jeff Deutch and Jennifer Schulte. Brighton: IDS. Available on the OpenDocs website. (Research study report)

2016. With Stephanie Hankey. From ‘information activism’ to the ‘politics of data’.
in Fibrecultures. Entanglements: Activism and Technology. Issue 24. (Invited article)

2015. With Jeff Deutch. Being LGBTQ online and offline in Kenya. GISWatch Sexual Rights and the Internet. Accessible here. (Short report)

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2010. Anatomy of a Suicide, in Nine Degrees of Justice, Bishakha Datta (Ed). Zubaan. New Delhi. (Chapter in an edited anthology)

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2007. Defending the Unquiet Mind. Available at SSRN: (Research paper)

2007. Behind Every Happy Middle Class Family is a Caring Domestic Worker. Available at SSRN: (Research paper)

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